We are proud to announce that Engineered Heat Treat, LLC (EHT) will join the BMT Aerospace division. EHT is a successful business which executes heat treatment for several industries (e.g. Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, and military).

EHT is a family business to its core and origins back to 1959. Brothers, Ron and Greg Pilibosian, are currently leading the company and will continue to do so with a direct reporting line to Benoit Reynders.

A logical step

EHT is already a well-known supplier to BMT Aerospace US and has been for many years. Due to this new cooperation, we will be able to perform our heat treatment in-house. This means that BMT Aerospace US will have a vertically integrated production process just like BMT Aerospace in Belgium and Romania. A big added value for us and our customers!

This acquisition brings together BMT Aerospace’s high-end gear manufacturing capabilities in Fraser, Michigan, with one of the leading heat treatment providers in the Detroit area. For BMT Aerospace, this is an important step into the future and supports the strategic transformation we are going through. We believe this acquisition provides a great opportunity to accelerate the value we bring to our customers.

Fully vertically integrated

A big part of this deal is accelerating BMT Aerospace’s operational performance through supply chain integration. Operational excellence has always been our strategic mindset. Integrating EHT’s capabilities with BMT Aerospace’s services will allow us to manage lead time and drastically improve response time.

Based on our experience with BMT Aerospace’s vertically integrated plants in Belgium and Romania, we strongly believe that supply chain integration is key to operational and financial independence.

In addition, this transaction advances BMT Aerospace’s plans to grow as a consolidated supplier and accelerate our global strategy to become a ‘single-source’ partner to our customers. Vertical integration provides the insurance against supply chain disruptions and improves flexibility.

We’re excited to welcome our new colleagues in the BMT Group and the BMT Aerospace division in particular!